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Why Choose Tawajod for Google Campaign Management?

The advent of online platforms has changed the world. People all over the world, including Middle East countries, prefer web-based portals for chatting, working, shopping, and learning. As well as presenting immense convenience, online venues provide opportunities for entrepreneurs to catch billions of users. However, digital marketing has become highly daunting and competitive. Why? Every other business in UAE employs the same strategy to rank higher in organic search results. In such a scenario, you need an expert Google ad service such as Tawajod for quick traffic.


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What’s Google campaign management?


Google campaign is linked to its pay per click (PPC) or paid campaign. It lets you rank higher in paid search for targeted keywords. Due to stiff competition, getting a top place in organic search rankings isn’t possible all the time. However, not ranking higher can keep you from getting visitors. No visitor means zero sales. If that’s the case, you may have to shut your venture.


Google ads come into play to overcome this hurdle.

Here, you sign up for paid campaigns. The program lets you make online adverts to reach audiences interested in your services or products. You pay each time a visitor clicks on your ad link. If the click converts into prospects, you enjoy quick sales. However, you pay for every ad click whether the click translates into sales or not.


You could lose enough money on ad campaigns if the clicks don’t transform into sales. There have been many instances of failed ad campaigns. You want a company that can maximize your conversion rates. It’s here Tawajod comes into play. We serve customers all over UAE, Dubai, Al Ain, and Abu Dhabi.


Why Tawajod makes a perfect choice for Google ads management?


As paid adverts steer instant traffic, businesses in UAE rely on PPC campaigns. Many marketing agencies operate in the PPC area. Each one claims to serve you better. However, the tall claims of most services fall flat. Many such agencies are amateurs. Then some companies rip you financially for offering quality services. You need an agency that can stand by you and ensure your success. That’s what Tawajod does for you. Here are the top reasons for choosing us.


Desired results


The main reason why people go after PPC campaigns is quick results. The paid campaign does deliver results. However, you must target the right ads. Plus, you should have a clear budget in your mind. Even better, the positioning of your ad and its timing impact the outcome.


If you miss any one point, it’ll backfire in terms of poor results. You may lack all those insights and skills required for efficient PPC marketing. At Tawajod, we’ve a team of highly proficient experts. They work day in and day out to serve you better.


Whether you wish to sell a small hairpin in Dubai or offer comprehensive services in Al Ain, we thrive for your success. We optimize your ads for better results. With our handy team on your side, you don’t have to wait for days or weeks to gain traffic. On the contrary, we aim to bring you a ton of targeted visitors within a day.


Higher conversions


No matter how you get traffic, it’s the conversions that matter most. If you fail to get the desired conversions, you may lose in the long run. Sooner or later, you may have to shut your venture. Let’s understand this point with a simple example.


Suppose you spend 1,000 dollars on your PPC campaign. To reach the break-even point, you need 50 targeted Dubai visitors to buy your product. If you manage to gain the desired number of customers, you scale in the competition. However, you may want to make more sales for profitability.


What if you lag behind your target?


If so, you’ll sustain losses and may have to close your business. We understand this point well. Our team can create appealing ads targeted at your prospects. Once visitors click the ad, they might get intrigued to check your products. If you offer useful products/services at competitive rates, you’ll enjoy higher (desired) conversions.


Proven track record


Most businesses hesitate to hire a Google ad service. They fear they might only waste their time and money. Well, that’s partially true. Many companies are just getting started and don’t carry any certifications. Then others deliver substandard results.


Tawajod takes pride in delivering promising results.


Our testimonials speak louder and endorse our expertise. With years of experience in Google ads, we’ve served numerous businesses. Just check our portfolio. Within minutes, you’ll figure out the level of success you might gain through our expertise.


Reasonable charges


Many PPC agencies charge exorbitantly for their services. Their charges as well as the adverting budget can dent your finances. What if you’ve a slim budget? Should you drop the idea of Google ads management? No way! If you do so, you’ll lose a substantial number of customers.


So, what’s the alternative? Turning to a reliable agency like Tawajod is a better bet. We charge a reasonable sum for our services. Plus, we offer various plans to suit your wallet. You can even communicate with us for a custom-made plan that aligns with your requirements. In the end, you enjoy a fair degree of flexibility concerning your budget on ad management.


Persistent help


Help stands paramount when marketing your products. This point holds more significance when investing enough funds on paid campaigns. You may likely need help on various facets. Perhaps, you’d like to make changes to your budget. Maybe, you wish to target a new demographic in Abu Dhabi. No matter what you wish, we’re ready with a suitable solution. Just get in touch with us, and our support team will quickly address your grievances.


Concluding words


Whether you run a small shop or a big manufacturing unit in UAE, or Al Ain, Google campaign management can do wonders for your venture. However, choosing the right PPC Company like Tawajod is essential. Experience, proficiency, proven results, and affordability are the highlights of our service. If you want to drive targeted traffic, drop an email or call us right away for a consultation. With our experienced team, you can scale and flourish even in a competitive niche.

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