Web Design Company Dubai

Web Design Company Dubai

If you run a website, you want your visitors to be hooked the first time they land on your website. Since the design of your website has the power to capture the attention of your visitors, you have to ensure its catchy. To attract more visitors and make them regular visitors to your website, the design of your website has to be catchy. If you run a website in Dubai, you need the services of a Tawajod software house, a website design UAE company. Below are some of the fantastic website design ideas that you can have for your website.

Web Design Company Dubai
Web Design Company Dubai


Currently, most websites have animations as their overall design. Thee animations may include sliding galleries, buttons that change color once a user hovers above them. Another common trend in animations is the use of animations to reveal hidden menus. The hidden menus can do wonders for your website, especially if you are working with tons of pages.
Alternatively, you may opt for a mix of animations by having images that move when clicked on and others that are triggered by scrolling. Whichever you choose, the animation will draw visitors to the message you are trying to put across.
Even though you may have to spend a few more coins creating animations for your website, it is worth it. You will attract more visitors and the experience will be unforgettable. Be careful not to overdo the animation effect and end up distracting your visitors rather than having led them to the main content of your website.

Clean and Modern

This design applies more to formal businesses. If your website is about a formal business, you would not want your visitors to be distracted. Therefore, you would avoid unnecessary distractions by keeping the site clean and modern. This design applies to fields like education, consulting, or technology.
Some of the features of such a website design include fonts like sans-serif, flat aesthetic, intuitive navigation, and minimal layouts. Such features will make your website feel more formal, and visitors are less likely to be confused about what exactly you offer.

Quite Video

You can use silent videos to enhance the background image of your website. You have to make sure that the video you use is voiceless because if it makes sounds, it can put off the users immediately they land on your page.
Most people who browse the net have very short attention spans. Videos are a great way of conveying your message since they are easier to engage with than plain text. Also, videos are a significant boost to your marketing strategy as they are a form of digital marketing on their own.

Unique Font

The truth is that the kind of font a website uses communicates a specific message to the users and ultimately affects the user’s experience. Also, a unique font tells a lot about the personality of the owner of the website. Some of the stylish fonts include arvo, playfair, merriweather, Proxima nova, alternative gothic, and dodis. All these fonts will give your website a unique look and captivating appeal. Alternatively, you can mix up two or more of the fonts by adopting the font combinations design. In font combination, you select two unique fonts that match. For instance, you can combine the proxima nova and the alternative gothic fonts.

Monochrome or no colour

Okay, having lots of colours on your website is refreshing and exciting but have you ever thought of having a maximum of two colours or no colours at all? If the monochrome or no colour design is done well, it can make

the user’s experience memorable.
By choosing no colour, you will be solidifying your brand. This is because visitors will be captivated by the content of your website rather than the colours (if there were colours). For instance, you can use colour grey or black to create that ? no colour’ vibe.


A colorful website may appeal more to people in the art business. For instance, if you are offering painting services, you want to capture the attention of your visitors by the fantastic colors of your website. Also, colors can be a way to communicate with visitors about your personality. For instance, if you are a bold person, you may want to go for loud colors like orange and yellow.
If you decide to go for multiple colors as your website design, go for it. Do not be afraid of mixing up all the colors you love, but be sure to choose them wisely, so they do not clash.

White Space

For years, designers have used white space as a design tool. However, the design is now enhanced with white space being added as a design for a website. This design involves adding white space to the areas not just on the critical areas, but also on the areas that do not need it.
Rather than using the white space as a way to add margins or give eyes a much-needed break, the white space design idea is all about adding the white space to the areas that do not need it. Once the white space is moved to such areas, it becomes noticeable to visitors.

Less is More

There are times when less can be more in website design. Here, we are talking about keeping your landing page as simple as possible. It involves avoiding most of the information on the landing page. For instance, instead of having lots of information on your landing page, you can have only the name of your business and your motto as the information displayed there. Not only is this going to capture your visitor’s attention, but it will also make them want to find out more about your website.


Even though the design and look of your website are crucial, it should never supersede the content of your website. You should be able to balance the function of your website and creativity. If you have an idea of how you want your website to look but do not know how to make that happen, get in touch with Tawajod software house for your website development in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and the whole of UAE.


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